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 Homecoming is this Saturday, September 23rd with a 4pm kickoff as the 2-1 Boilermakers take on the Michigan Wolverines.

The House Chef, Karen, is preparing both a brunch and lunch (MENU).

If you are an Alum and would like to tailgate in the chapter house parking lot, check in with Alumni Relations Chairman, Chaz Osborn, with this link. CLICK HERE


Scholarship Endowment

An integral element to the success of any fraternity is strong support from its alumni. Alpha Delta chapter has benefited from a core group of alumni volunteers who have played a significant part in steering our fraternity through both good times and bad. Although individual circumstances often prevent our alumni from supporting our chapter through their physical presence as volunteers, providing financial support is another important way to contribute.

The goal of this fundraising is to raise a $25,000 thousand dollars for this scholarship.  Your donation will positively influence generations of future brothers.

Our fraternity has made great strides in the last few years and your support will help guarantee that Theta Chi at Purdue will remain a strong presence within the Greek community.

Donate to the Scholarship Endowment

PayPal Donate

Thanks for your help!

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