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Dear Alpha Delta Alumni:

Once again, it is time for the annual Indianapolis-area alumni dinner. The Date is Thursday, February 22, 2018, so mark your calendars and BE THERE!

UNLIKE PAST YEARS, we decided there WILL be planned speeches, but still no collections, except for your dinner and drinks, and absolutely no other agenda. Appetizers will be provided! Traditionally, this has been a terrific get-together of old and new friends and an opportunity to build social and business relationships.

To explain further, we have come to feel like there has been some lack of updates and misperceptions of the activities at 800 David Road. The house is on target to double in occupancy this Fall from Spring of last year. We are looking at coming off probation after this semester, while almost half the houses are on some sort of probation. To clarify questions about growth, alcohol rules today, our Top 10 GPA status out of 40 houses, etc., we are having new President Andrew Callas and a couple other members of Exec speak to everyone for a little bit during halftime. They, of course, will be mingling all evening to meet and introduce themselves. There are a lot of GREAT things going on in our Chapter!

We are also working on better alumni communications, including updating the database. With the above agenda, we hope you take a few minutes and reach out to your brethren and encourage them to RSVP, in case we have lost track of some alums.

The meeting place is The District Tap3720 E. 82nd St., Indianapolis, IN 46240. It is between Keystone Avenue and Allisonville Road, just south of I-465. Theta Chi Alumni will have numerous tables reserved in the side party room, so just ask the hostess for Theta Chi.

The social hour will begin at 5:30pm, with an opportunity to order dinner. We will enjoy the Purdue vs. Illinois men’s basketball game on the TVs. Tip-off time for the game is scheduled for 7:00pm.

Please RSVP by calling 317-341-1679 or email to 

We look forward to seeing YOU at the dinner!!




Chapter Advisory Board

Chapter Faculty Advisor

Gary Steinhardt -


House Director

Greg Blachly -


Alpha Delta Housing Corporation Board 

Greg Cagnassola, President

Steve Pfefferle, Treasurer

Kris Smith, Facilities Chair

Theta Chi Alpha Delta Foundation

Charlie Drane, President -

Fundraising - Jason Horn  & Kevin Wise


Chapter Advisory Board

Steve Fero, Chair -

Greg Blachly -

Sean Hanas -

Randy Truitt -

Chad Butler -

John Fiocca -


Other alumni participating in advisory board functions and active with volunteer efforts: Spencer Bankston '87, John Berghoff '89, Mike Berghoff '85, Bob Bernard '83, Bruce Boeck '82, Father Phil Bowers '74, Greg Cagnassola '84, Greg Conner '05, Rick Conner '76, John Creager '91, John Cruthers '93, Thomas Darby '91, Cole Doolittle '92, Charlie Drane '75, Jim Durkin '81, Steve Fero '91, Chuck Gillespie '91, Sean Hanas '89, Jason Horn '94, Alex Intermill '95, Brian Kavicky '94, John Kelley '83, Mark Keller '81, Richard Knapp '78, Jeff Kucer '89, David Lach '94, Larry Lammers '78, Kevin McMahon '83, Vincent McMahon '84, Doug Miller '91, Mike Minkler '92, Michael Moxon '98, Kyle O'Connor '05, Michael Osty '90, Hugh Pence '54, Michael Peterson '01, Carl Pfister '80, Matt Pfister '82, Steve Pfister '86, Garrett Plepel '78, Tim Polack '91, Jude Rake '81, Scott Richardson '91, Kris Smith '80, Joe Stodola '86, Randy Truitt '90, Jhan Vannatta '84, Michael Wozniak '96 and Jeff Yoder '91


Alumni wanting to attend a weekly Chapter meeting should contact existing undergrad House President in advance (see Brothers - Officers)

Need three alumni volunteers(2) Advisory roles and (1) Old Masters Coordinator

Ritual, Values, Ethics & Standards Advisor – works with the Chapter to help develop standards so the brothers are self-regulating and hold each other accountable (this more of an advising role as matters come up).  You also make sure the formalities of initiation and other chapter events are understood and followed (making sure they have what they need from National).


Alumni Relations Advisor – Alumni who are willing to help organize the events bringing brothers back to campus.  Included would be homecoming and football tailgates.  This would also encompass the planning and communication of the spring basketball dinner in Indianapolis.


Alpha Delta Old Masters Coordinator - We would also like to see if a person would be interested in starting an Alpha Delta Old Masters program to allow brothers to share their experiences with the Chapter.  We would envisions a formal dinner with the brother as a speaker each quarter.


If you are interested in one of these three roles, please contact Greg Blachly Greg Cagnassola

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