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 Homecoming is this Saturday, September 23rd with a 4pm kickoff as the 2-1 Boilermakers take on the Michigan Wolverines.

The House Chef, Karen, is preparing both a brunch and lunch (MENU).

If you are an Alum and would like to tailgate in the chapter house parking lot, check in with Alumni Relations Chairman, Chaz Osborn, with this link. CLICK HERE


Welcome To The Alpha Delta Chapter of Theta Chi



The Alpha Delta chapter of Theta Chi is located in the Tower Acres at Purdue University.Crest of Theta Chi   

Since March 26, 1920 the Alpha Delta Chapter has been a promoter of knowledge through academics, advancer of culture, and a builder of character through philanthropy, community service, and a strong brotherhood.  

 Our motto is Alma Mater first and Theta Chi for Alma Mater.  And we are defined by "the helping hand" of brotherhood.

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